Where to buy PS5 in México?

Which Sony Play Station 5 should you get? PS5 Standard Edition vs PS5 Digital edition.

Remember that we have the Standard PS5, that is the one with disc, and there is a lite version, the PS5 Digital Edition. Probably you are in México and are wondering where to buy ps5?
Not worries! You can order your PS5 in the following link with free delivery from Amazon in the following link: Pre order PS5 Standard Edition With Amazon México

where to buy ps5 in mexico

Now let´s talk about the differences between PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition. There are only two key differences: disc drive and digital.

Of course, the standard edition or disc drive, is more expensive. Because you will have 4k Blu-ray player and you can lend the games to your friends.

The digital edition you will need to purchase your games digitally and you will be able to play it only in that PS5.

Which PS5 to buy?

Depends on you.
The Standard Edition is available to pre order in México with Amazon México.

If you pre order now you will get your PS5 by April 29th, 21.

Sadly, right now in Amazon México PS5 Digital Edition is not available. But come later we will let you know when you can pre order yours.

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